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Physio North physiotherapy clinic is located at 425a Maunu Road, Whangarei.  It is conveniently located at the Tui Medical Centre complex, with off-street parking available. 

At Physio North we pride ourselves in providing quality care and tailoring treatment to the patients needs and their condition.  Physio North believes in the importance of patient involvement to help get people back on their feet after injury.  Our treatments are one-on-one and have a focus on exercise-based and hands-on treatment.  We can also undertake acupuncture/dry needling for musculoskeletal injuries. 

Physio North provides treatment for Women’s Health and incontinence issues. Physiotherapy can be helpful in improving incontinence issues that may occur after birth. Whilst it is very common to experience urinary leakage after children (1 in 3 women do!), it is NEVER normal and there is always things that can be done to help with any issues that you may be experiencing.

Physiotherapy Assessment